My blog post is a bit late for Chanukah, but I wanted to share some fun sites I have been forwarded.

Jibjab has a site where you can personalize a fun Chanukah or Christmas ecard. We received one with a little Chanukah rock!

Great Chanukah video on YouTube – Candlelight – The Maccabeats – Hanukkah

Hadassah has a site for virtual Chanukah. You can light the menorah online.
Of course they would love a donation, but it is not required and it is a great site to participate in the holiday lighting when you cannot use a real menorah.

During Hanukkah we eat sufganyot (jelly donuts) because they are fried in oil,

Sufganyot – Jelly Donuts

latkes (potato pancakes) fried in oil and of course Chanukah cookies.

Chanukah Cookies

A typical Chanukah meal is usually, in my family, brisket (my sister made a great one this year), tsimmes – a mixture of carrots, prunes, raisins and other things, something green and of course latkes and then the big finale is sufganyot and Chanukah cookies. It is a definite gastric holiday.

We light the candles, the children open their gifts and we play dreidel (spinning top game) and watch the candles burning low.

This year Three Brothers Bakery is selling Chanukah candles handmade by Celebration Company across the street from the bakery. All proceeds go in full to Celebration Company who “…provide Jewish adults with special needs an entry into the workplace.”

Celebration Company also puts together our smaller boxes, so look for their sticker on your box signed by the adult who made your special box. I’ll be writing more about Celebration Company in a later post.

Anyway, I just wanted to wish everyone Hag Sameach for a great Chanukah.