We love gingerbread here at Three Brothers Bakery! From our giant gingerbread man we created for our 65th anniversary, to some of our more recent Halloween gingerbread creations, this flavorful cookie is one of our favorites. We’ve created some amazing (and delicious) gingerbread houses for the holiday season and we wanted to share them with you. Here are a few of our favorite cookie mansions:

Hanukkah Gingerbread House
Cheery Gingerbread House
Christmas Gift Gingerbread House
Snowy Gingerbread House

Penguin Gingerbread House

Surfer Gingerbread House

A variety of gingerbread houses at River Oaks Country Club Show

Aren’t those just so beautiful? They almost look too good to eat! We have some amazing decorators at the Bakery. They compete in competitions all over the country with their fantastic creations. Three Brothers Bakery decorator, Heather, recently won a decorating contest with the gingerbread house below. 

How amazing is that creation? We are so proud of our decorators and all they’ve accomplished. You can read more about our award-winning decorators in this blog post.

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