Have you had one of our Cake Parfaits yet? Well, if you have, you know just how delicious they are. If not, don’t worry; we’re here to guide you through the process of creating the perfect Cake Parfait.

But if you want to experience just how good a Cake Parfait can really be, we recommend building your own (just like with our cakes!). With more than 30 options, you can create your own personal treat with your favorite icings, toppings and cakes!

We asked some of our frequent parfait customers what their favorite combos are and they shared these 6 delicious Cake Parfait choices that you can try next time you visit us!

– White Cake                          – Brownie                                           – Yellow Cake

– Raspberry Cream               – Raspberry Cream                           – Cookies & Cream

– Cream Cheese                     – Chocolate Buttercream                  – White Buttercream

– Chocolate Syrup                  – Chocolate Syrup                              – Chocolate Sprinkles

– Oreos                                                – Oreos

– Whipped Cream

– Brownie                               – White Cake                                      – Chocolate Cake

– Fudge                                   – Fresh Strawberries                         – Raspberry Cream

– Whipped Cream                 – Lemon Cream                                  – Cream Cheese

– Chocolate Chips

What would you put in your perfect Cake Parfait? Share it with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!