The MD Anderson Cancer Center Children’s Cancer Hospital is close to our hearts for a number of reasons and we have partnered with them for longer than we can remember. We are especially proud of the work they do with their tiniest patients. MD Anderson is dedicated to providing quality care and strives to make young cancer patients’ lives as normal as possible.  We’ve worked with the hospital for years to provide cakes for holidays and birthdays for the kids and have loved every minute of it.

We were so honored to be a part of the MD Anderson Cancer Center Children’s Cancer Hospital.

Most recently, we donated the cake pictured above to the expansion of the Children’s Cancer Hospital. The Center is designed specifically for children, adolescents and young adults with cancer and their families. We were thrilled to participate in the expansion!

This cake was so much fun to make!

Now, we are proud to join them in their Children’s Art Project. This project sells young cancer patients’ original artwork on seasonal notecards and gift items, with the proceeds funding patient-focused programs. Since 1973, the Children’s Art Project has contributed more than $30 million to help provide a more normal childhood to these special children with the help of 2,100 retailers across the US.

This is an example of the beautiful artwork these talented kids create.

We are so excited to join MD Anderson in this mission to provide an opportunity for young patients to have a more normal childhood. We are now selling Children’s Art Project products at our Braeswood store.  So next time you come in for a bagel or a cupcake, grab a Children’s Art Project card and help the MD Anderson Cancer Center Children’s Cancer Center.