We’re now in those dog days of summer, when the triple-digit heat really starts to wear on us. The “dog days of summer,” as some call it.

We say … bring it on! For the dog days of summer, we have the perfect treat. Except it isn’t for humans like us. It’s for our wonderful canine friends, who probably struggle to beat the heat even more underneath their big coats of fur.
You might have noticed a dog bowl before at the bakery, and the container is no coincidence. Inside are our dog biscuits, a sweet way to break up their normal diet of kibble and table scraps.


Three Brothers Bakery Dog Biscuits
Dog Biscuits

Jealous that your dog gets all the good treats? Not to worry – we have plenty of ways for humans to celebrate the Dog Days of Summer along with your furry, four-legged friends!

Three Brothers Bakery Bulldog

Three Brothers Bakery Dog Cookies

And better yet, you can come to our Washington bakery’s dog-friendly patio to enjoy your treats together! What could be better?

Three Brothers Bakery Dog Patio