At Three Brothers Bakery, our endlessly creative team always looking for ways to create new and exciting items for our cases. Just recently, for example, they created the emoji cookies and the pumpkin cheesecake.

But sometimes, we look to the past to step into the future. Our team loves finding innovative ways to retool what our frequent visitors have come to know and love over the years. The latest reworking of a classic Three Brothers Bakery treat might just be their ultimate achievement of this kind.

For many people, the first item that pops into their head when thinking about Three Brothers Bakery is our gingerbread man. Have any doubt? Look at this version, which was blown up to larger-than-life size for our 65th anniversary last year.

Gingerbread Man

When we thought about winter flavors (even though it barely even feels like fall in Houston right now), gingerbread shot to the top of the tastes we associate with the season. Our team knows plenty of guests who love gingerbread for a more ornamental, decorative purpose in November and December – after all, who doesn’t love a gingerbread house? But, we wanted to spread the joy of the gingerbread a little earlier in the holiday season.

After some tinkering, we created the perfect sweet treat. Your favorite cookies … are now in a pie.

We start off with a gingerbread piecrust and then add a solid base of gingerbread spice cake, topping it off with a plentiful topping of our cream cheese icing.

Finally, for a little extra, we adorn the pie with some miniature gingerbread men! (Tip: they make for a great natural divider to suggest how large a slice to cut.)


The result is the tastiest addition to the holiday season – sure to be a hit at any Thanksgiving or holiday party. You simply can’t say you know our gingerbread men until you have tried them like this!