What to expect during your wedding cake consultation:

  1. Cake and filling for you taste!  What’s the fun of the appointment if you can’t have a nosh (taste).  I hear cake tastings have no calories, so make sure you enjoy them J.  (We all wish that was the truth!)
  2. Photos or cake samples in their shop for you to view.
  3. The ability to help you decide what you would like.  For example, at Three Brothers Bakery, we sit with you and talk through options and pull from you “who you are.”  Each designer has a style for how they run their appointment.  It’s best to let the designer “drive” for you will have a more thorough experience, for they will not forget to cover anything.
  4. By the end of the appointment you should have a pretty good idea of design for your cake(s) and the price.  Sometimes if it is an exceptionally large cake, the vendor may ask for some additional time to make sure they are engineering something that will remain standing (very important), includes all elements and logistically makes sense.
  5. And last but not least –  nice, memorable experience
  1. Setting up the appointment
  2. Preparing for the appointment
  3. During the appointment
  4. Evaluating cake vendors
  5. I know who I want to bake my wedding cake – Now what happens?