So you have been on all your appointments, tasted cake and reviewed your options.  You found a baker you like and feel confident about – what happens next?

1.  Some bakers have a detailed contract which you will need to sign.

2.  You will need to provide a deposit  – usually about 50% and it is usually non-refundable.  This deposit holds the date for your wedding cake to be made and delivered on a certain day.  Find out when final payment is due.  Also, if you are renting a stand, do you need to make a deposit on it?  Stands need to be booked in advance, for bakers have a limited number and there may not be one available for your size cake if you do not reserve it.

WARNING:  Some bakers are very strict about final payments.  If you are one day late they may cancel the order.  At this time, we are not that strict, but two weeks before the wedding is getting too late.  I have actually made a cake for someone who lost their deposit at another baker and had their order canceled because they were one day late with final payment.

3.  Find out what your responsibilities are to be, ie., do you need to pick out ribbon, bling, broaches, provide a color swatch?  Get everything together and then when you come to make the final payment, usually about no later than one month in advance, you can bring all of your items for the baker to hold.  If you have  a cake topper, it is probably best to let the baker see it, but you should bring it the day of the wedding and have it on the cake table for us to place on the cake.  The only time you should leave the topper at the baker is if we are needing it to decorate the cake while it is still in the shop.

4.  Find out what is the earliest time the cake table can be ready and let the baker know, plus reconfirm your wedding date and reception location address, contact and time everything begins at the location.  All of these things should be done preferably no later than one month in advance.

Brides and Grooms, we hope your day is an incredible memory – one you’ll love years from now when you are looking at your album with your child who is thinking about their wedding day.   And then you get to do it all over again for them, but this time you’ll know exactly what to do.  😉

Mazal tov, congratulations and we hope only for a long, happy and healthy life for you as you begin your lives together.

Janice, Bobby, Aunt Estelle and the whole Three Brothers Bakery family

  1. Setting up the appointment
  2. Preparing for the appointment
  3. During the appointment
  4. Evaluating cake vendors
  5. I know who I want to bake my wedding cake – Now what happens?