According to the National Teacher Association, May 7 is a “day for honoring teachers and recognizing the lasting contributions they make to our lives.” Designated as National Teacher Appreciation Day, it is an opportunity to mark the crucial role teachers have in educating and shaping all of our children. It is for that reason that we at Three Brothers Bakery have assembled a list of some of the best ways to thank our teachers. Read on to learn more.

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A Hand-Written Note

More than texts, Instagram, or Twitter posts, a hand-written note from an individual student or group of students is a very personal way to say thank you.  If you have a younger child at home, then a colored card is always welcome. Older students should take this opportunity to write a note (in pen) to their teacher telling them how much they appreciate them. To make that note even more personal include a specific example of where that teacher helped you or your child.

Classroom Supplies

Scissors, glue sticks, and pencils, these might seem like the everyday school supplies you see in classrooms. But buying extras of these items used regularly in class is a great to say thank you. Often when teachers are running low on these supplies they reach into their own wallets to replenish their stock. If you or a group of parents in your child’s class can work together to buy some of these much needed items, you will not only alleviate some of the teacher’s stress but also demonstrate how much they’re valued.


Whether it’s a box of cookies, a large cup of coffee, or a tray of sandwiches, offering food to you or your child’s teacher is a fantastic way to say thank you. Take the time to learn whether he or she has a favorite baked good or flavor of coffee and then set out to find it. That personalized touch will leave a lasting impression on the teacher. It will also demonstrate how they affected you on a personal level, which is in turn reflected in your edible gift.

Gratitude is Key

We’ve all got one: a teacher that made such a lasting impression on us that we remember them to this day. We are truly grateful they taught us. Whether you’re in school now, or your child is, as National Teacher Appreciation approaches, take a moment to thank this educator. They have and will continue to have a tremendous positive influence on your life. A simple act of gratitude on your part will show them how much they’re appreciated. That can never be said enough to a teacher.