It makes your turkey sandwich taste like heaven, it’s great for dipping in a soup, and nothing goes better with butter than it: bread. With an estimated 100 different varieties, from challah (egg based), raisin, to whole wheat, and pumpernickel and rye, our love of the loaf shows no sign of diminishing. Bread is something we know first-hand at Three Brothers Bakery. That’s why we want to take the time to show you some of our most popular breads. Who knows you may discover a new type or fall in love with an old favorite all over again?

Rye Bread

Made from a combination of flour and rye grain, this type of bread can be either light or dark in color. A rye loaf is denser than traditional breads made with wheat. Created by the Germans in the 12th century after their wheat crops had failed. The original version of this bread was created by grinding the rye grain to make a meal that would replace their standard loaves. The rest, as they say is history.

Checkout our 100% Rye Bread or 3lb Plain Rye Bread.



Sourdough is just that – a bread that is sour in taste. It is the result of fermenting dough using yeast and lactobacilli. At Three Brothers Bakery we have to “feed the sour” every day. Known for its slightly bitter or sour taste, this loaf can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians. Sourdough is considered one of the easiest breads to digest because it takes a long time to ferment, thereby neutralizing the phytic acid. It is a fantastic loaf that goes well with warm soups, stews and salads.


Another dense and slightly sweet tasting bread is pumpernickel which hales from Germany. This dark colored bread is often served with caviar, salmon, sturgeon and other expensive hors d’oeuvres delicacies. Some people have been known to bake their pumpernickel in canning jars, but at the bakery it’s loaves of this dense bread that you will find on our shelves. It’s a family favorite.


We couldn’t call ourselves a superb Jewish bakery without offering our customers a challah. This traditional bread is easily distinguished by its braided texture. Usually served on major Jewish holidays or on the Sabbath, at Three Brothers Bakery we offer challah in many different styles. From sesame rolls and raisin filled, to square 3, 6 and 10 pound ceremonial challahs , we’ve got all of your Challah needs covered. Every day is a “challah” day at Three Brothers Bakery.

A Slice for Everyone

Whether you enjoy your bread with jam or a few slices of meat and a dollop of mayonnaise, there is a bread out there for everyone. With over seventy five years in the business, we understand the love affair our customers have with their bread. So if you’ve not tried one of our loaves or you’re looking for something new come down to visit one of our locations. We’re confident we’ve got bread you’ll love.