It is Friday, and I have to take a moment to remember Robin Perlo Berry and her husband, Josh Berry.  Robin came to the bakery for a challah every Friday. We began to know each other over our counter and then again professionally as she planned events for our customers’ life cycle events. When someone hired Robin to help with their simcha (happy event), she became a part of the family.

Robin Perlo-Berry, Josh Berry, Peter, Aaron and Willa Berry (thank you to photographer of this picture)

I did not know Josh, but if Robin chose him to spend her life with, I know he must have been great.  Robin grabbed life and lived it; she took everyone with her on her quest to enjoy life’s greatest moments. I cannot think of a moment where I saw her without a smile on her face.  The photos we have seen of their family are definitely an illustration of the love the family had for one another. We remember Peter, Aaron and Willa in the bakery eating cookies with their mom, smiling and laughing.

Robin picked up a birthday cake for Willa not long before their vacation to Colorado.  Creating sweet memories was what her life was about.  I recently saw a picture of the children in the hospital published by the Jewish Herald Voice, and it filled my heart to see them smiling.

To the Perlo and Berry Families:  We send our heartfelt condolences and admire the selflessness with which you are honoring your commitment to Robin and Josh.  We’re all here to help you.  Please let us know when you need anything.


Robin and Josh: To your children, we want to give the cakes for those birthdays, bar and bat mitzvahs, graduations, weddings and other special events in their lives each and every year.  Robin and Josh, you celebrated those big moments and we want to make sure we continue your legacy of creating sweet memories.

We want to help make sure the memories Robin began will continue.  Giving tzedukah (charity) before the Sabbath begins is a mitzvah (good deed).  If you would like to make a donation to The Berry Family Children’s Trust, please click on this link.

You can also receive updates on the family via their Facebook page.

A final memory:  I still and will always have a vision of Robin having one more thing to say, throwing it over her shoulder with a smile before walking out the door –  every time she came to the bakery. I’m glad that smile is my memory.

Robin and Josh,

Our entire community misses you. We promise to be there for your children.


Janice, Bobby and all of The Jucker Families and your Three Brothers Bakery Families