With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we thought we’d share a couple of our love stories. If you’ve heard them before bear with us, but really they’re so sweet you can read to them again!

Bobby and Janice have a story that starts back in their early teens but doesn’t come to fruition until years later. The two met at a Jewish youth group weekend (BBYO), when Janice was 13 and Bobby was 14. One of Janice’s friends, Suzy, who will come back in the story later, mentioned how cute the boys were at this camp, and Janice agreed as soon as she saw Bobby.

The weekend Bobby and Janice met, with Suzy!

They two hit it off immediately. Soon enough, after all the night activities ended, Bobby lead Janice into the mess hall where Janice and Bobby had their first kiss, which was Janice’s first ever! But, the weekend ended and the two went on their separate ways. Janice went back home, but the crush stayed with them both. The crush remained close throughout high school. Janice admitted to scribbling “Janice Jucker” on her bookcovers, and Bobby came to a dance with Janice during that time (and wore a stylish yellow leisure suit). Time passed, college came and went, and while they tried dating then it seemed it still wasn’t meant to be.

Bobby and Janice in High School on a Date to a BBYO Dance
ColBobby and Janice Run Into Each Other at a College Party at UT (not on a date together)

Bobby married and had children. Janice started her career and becamet engaged. But life is funny sometimes and things changed. Bobby divorced and Janice’s engagement broke up. The two found themselves single at the same time once again. Janice’s friend, Suzy the one from camp, told her Bobby was divorcing. What a coincidence! But Janice did nothing until running into Bobby’s sister who told her to give him a call. And, as the saying goes, the rest is history. Ten months later the two were married!

Bobby & Janice the NIght of their Rehearsal Dinner
Bobby & Janice Jucker with their wedding cake
Janice was totally surprised by her wedding cake and loved it!
Bobby, Janice & Suzy are still friends almost 50 years later!
Bobby, Janice & Suzy are still friends almost 50 years later!

The next Jucker love story is much shorter, but just as sweet. As you all probably know, Sigmund and Sol are twins. What you may not know is Sigmund pretended to be Sol to get him a date! Sigmund decided one day that it was time for Sol to get married. So he took it upon himself to make it happen. Sigmund called the lovely Estelle, pretended to be Sol and made the date. Sigmund wasn’t content to just make the date; he wanted to make sure Sol put his best foot forward. To do that, Sigmund let Sol use his car because Sol’s was in less than pristine condition. Anyway, the date went so well that Estelle and Sol were married 6 weeks later. Oh, and Sol never gave back the car!

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