(I lost my blog in July, and I have had requests to repost a few of my blogposts. Original posting was October 25, 2009.)

Off to the Retail Bakers of America Convention in Charlotte

Last week my husband, Bobby, and I went to the Retail Bakers of America National Convention. Perhaps some of you who follow us on Twitter saw some of the pictures I sent of Buddy’s (from The Cake Boss) full size NASCAR Cake car.

Cake Boss, Buddy Velastro and Robert Jucker at the RBA Convention
Full Size NASCAR Cake built by The Cake Boss
Buddy, The Cake Boss’, Fender Blowout

The drama occurred when the front “fender” fell off and had to be rebuilt. You’ll have to watch the show to see what happened.

I had never watched the Cake Boss before, and today there is a Cake Boss marathon on TLC. I was cracking up.

Robert Jucker and Frankie from Carlo’s Bakery at the RBA Convention

Carlo’s Bakery is just like our bakery!

• Buddy is yelling – Bobby is yelling.
• Mary is complaining, and Janice (me) is kvetching (complaining).
• Machines are breaking down, the water is brown; they call Buddy. The ice machine is broken; we call Bobby.
Carlo’s Bakery seems to be a full service bakery, just like 3 Brothers Bakery.
• They have old equipment; we have old equipment.
• They make big and WOW, and we make big and WOW.
• They are Italian, and we are Jewish.
• Food and emotions are everything in both cultures.
• Buddy has temper tantrums; Bobby has temper tantrums.
• When a customer is complaining – they call Buddy; we don’t call Bobby; we call me. (Bobby means well, but there is something about the tone of his voice that makes an upset customer more upset. So one time the pink was the wrong shade or something like that, and Bobby tells the customer, “What do you think this is – a paint store?” I began my career taking complaints at The Waldorf=Astoria in NYC, so I handle the complaints, which has become less and less since I know how to talk with customers.)

NASCAR Cake “Engine” by The Cake Boss

So I think I am finding my voice for our blog. I’m going to write about the bakery every so often.

Janice Jucker in front of The Cake Boss Full Size NASCAR Cake

Does everyone think this show is funny or is it just us, because it is just like our bakery, our family and our culture?


PS: See my blog about cake trends to read a little more about the convention and some of the incredible decorators who were at the show.

November, 2010 – Since I wrote this blog in October, 2009, I cannot tell you how many of The Cake Boss episodes I have watched. Even today, Thanksgiving, 2010, I saw Mary go ask Buddy to make a special heart cake for a couple who came on their honeymoon. His response was “I’m busy!” That’s exactly what my husband, Robert, says to me. Again, I was cracking up. Thank you Buddy for a bit of a reminder of the bakery on my day off. 🙂