It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Since Houston rarely provides any snow for the holidays, we have to find other ways to celebrate the joyous winter season. One of our favorite things to do around this time of year is build gingerbread houses. It unleashes our creativity – and the snow made of our icing is definitely much sweeter than what falls from the clouds!

In the giving spirit of the season, we want to share the joy of some of our gingerbread creations from 2015. Remember, no matter the size, scope or scale of your personal gingerbread house, the memories made during construction are far more important than how it looks. (Ok, and eating it afterwards is important, too!)

Bobby built this giant gingerbread house as a miniature version of a loyal customer’s actual house. Check out the results!




Bobby had a little more freedom with this one to create a house to his own liking. This is what he built!



Do these houses inspire you to start construction on your own festive centerpiece? Visit our website for more information about gingerbread house kits and custom orders.