It’s our birthday! That’s right, we’re turning 64, and in our minds, we keep getting better with age. We have had the pleasure of baking all sorts of delicious cakes, breads and sweets for five generations, and we still love it. But most of all we love making memories with you!

This has been a long journey and we have seen many sights and experienced quite a lot with you, our wonderful customers, so we wanted to share our adventure with you. We even have some tour guides on our little Road Trip:



Our first location was a wonderful spot on Holman and La Branch. We had the pleasure of operating there from May 1949 until May 1955. Now this location is home to Midtown Art Center. We loved our corner location on the first floor, but it didn’t have the parking we required then, which looks like might still be an issue now!

Next we moved to Almeda and Southmore, where we stayed from 1955 to 1960. Now that location is a wigs and hair accessories store. While we were there, we had the opportunity to help out another small business. A little girl and her mother had set up a cute little lemonade stand with some of the best pralines we have ever had! Maybe we should’ve stayed at that location; it seems to be a sweet spot!

We finally made it over to our next location, which most of you know and love! Our South Braeswood location has been our home since 1960. With its three red spires and original black and white checkerboard floor, this location was built by the Three Brothers and serves as inspiration in our logo.

While our South Braeswood location became our long-term home, we later decided we wanted to branch out and open another shop. We chose the Sugar Creek area out in Sugarland and loved it so much that we left one store and moved across the street! We were there from 1984 until 2006. Unfortunately after 22 years, we had to close shop in Sugarland due to prolonged road construction that was hurting business.


Soon, we moved into a location in River Oaks, in the oldest shopping strip center in America. We were there for 18 years, until the landlord decided to tear down the complex. The last day at that location, we opened all the cases and invited everyone to enjoy our treats from this storefront. We had “No Wrecking Ball” cookies! It was a great location that we still miss to this day.  Now there is a new center with a Jamba Juice in the old store.

In 2012, we opened our Memorial location, which was our first expansion after Hurricane Ike, and have been so happy with it since! We celebrated our one year anniversary not too long ago and cannot wait to spend so many more years with you!

Next, we opened up our online store! While we love seeing your beautiful faces light up when we can get you a sweet treat, our online store has helped us find those Three Brothers fans that may not be near us. We opened online in 2006 and have been going strong ever since!

Finally, we are happy to announce we are currently looking for our next location! Do you have a place in mind?  Please send any ideas for available specific locations to – In the subject line write: Attention Janice

Thanks for joining us on our little Road Trip through the Three Brothers history! In honor of our 64th anniversary, we are having a 64₵ birthday cupcake special! Check our Facebook for the promo code!

Thank you for helping us continue on our journey of creating sweet memories together! We hope you enjoyed our tour!