Our well-loved Gingerbread Man, who has worked tirelessly to promote the bakery since the three brothers, Sigmund, Sol and Max Jucker, opened the doors to the original Houston location on Holman Street on May 8, 1949, is finally taking a break from the 24/7 business of measuring, mixing, baking and delivering. After 62 years of diligently ensuring unsurpassed quality control and customer service, we have decided it’s time for the Gingerbread Man to get a real name and venture forth from the bakery to spend the summer months traveling and enjoying sights he’s never seen!

But in order for him to travel, he will need a name. And that’s where we need YOUR help!

Cast your vote for your favorite name of the three options below. The online poll kicks off on Sunday, June 5, 2011. The winning name will be announced on Wednesday, June 29, 2011.

The three names are:
Irving Barksdale Sweeter (I.B. Sweeter)
Georgie Bakerspice Manningfellow (G. B. Mann)
Thaddeus Aloysius Delicious (TAD)

What’s your favorite? Let us know by casting your vote today!