Do A Mitzvah – A Good Deed by Making A Donation to Feed Others


A principle we hold dear is that of doing a mitzvah–a good deed. As the Houston area combats COVID-19, we are doing our best to support our Three Brothers Bakery team members, the local economy, as well as provide food for those in need to show our appreciation to everyone helping make sure we are safe and healthy. We have coordinated with those feeding others in need to provide baked goods for the meals they are making. We encourage you to select from the list below, make your donation (these “donations” are not tax deductible), and we will organize with the group to provide what they are needing from the bakery. Please also know your dollars will go farther than if you buy something and drop it off, as we will treat them as wholesale customers which will get a discount from retail.

Select your organization, put in the amount of money you would like to give, and let’s do a mitzvah and good deed together. Thank you so much for your support. Also, a big THANK YOU to Gensler, who made this project come alive!

 You can scroll down to the Description to read more about each group before making your selection.

We will not provide your information to the charity unless you grant permission.



  • Emergency Aid Coalition: The EAC provides emergency relief to those most in need through sack lunches, food pantries, provision of school supplies, and clothing centers. Emergency Aid Coalition uses our baked goods within their sack lunch program.
  • Feed the Frontline HTX: FTFL is a non-profit organized to provide support to local restaurants while feeding healthcare workers and first responders. We provide food for them to show appreciation and thanks to those who work on the frontlines.
  • Homeless & Hungry – Jay Hamburger: We feed the homeless every week via partnership with Jay Hamburger. Read about his work with vulnerable populations here. You can also donate directly to Jay’s fundraising page here.
  • Jewish Family Service: JFS is a non-profit offering support to those with disabilities, mental illness, and the elderly. We have worked with them for many years, and are proud to partner with them to provide food for the elderly and those in need within the Houston community. If you would like to give to them directly, you can do so here.
  • Restaurant & Hospitality: Second Servings is a non-profit that seeks to end food waste in Houston. They have committed to providing 10,000 meals a week to the hospitality industry. We believe it best to donate dollars directly to their initiative here.