Of course, I am prejudiced, but I believe your wedding cake baker should be one who:

1.    Works in a commercial kitchen – no dogs or cats allowed

2.    Has insurance

3.    Is cognizant of food safety and has a health department certificate (ie., the City of Houston gives you four hours to have crème cheese out – includes, prep time, delivery and amount of time sitting out until you eat it)

4.   HAS A TEAM!  You want to know if something happens and one person is out of commission, you are still going to get your beautiful, great tasting cake made by the team YOU hired.  If you choose someone who works on his or her own or at home, you are taking a risk on your special day.  Plus you need to make sure venues will allow someone without a health department certificate to bring the cake onto the premises.

5.    Cost – the best way to evaluate cost is to know what size cakes you are going to receive.  At Three Brothers Bakery we price by size, labor and accents provided.  Most bakers charge per slice.  To illustrate I’m going to give you a very SIMPLE example.

You choose a cake and tell the baker you are having 100 people.  The cake will be a 14x10x7 round, which serves 117 with the top tier.  The baker tells you the cost is $100 (remember this is hypothetical and a not real example).  Then you call the baker and advise you are having 115 people, at which time the baker tells you the cost is $115.  The size of the cake is the same.  The baker just made $15 more dollars.  Additionally, what if I size the cake as 14x10x7 and another baker decides it should be smaller or bigger?  They are not apples to apples.  Make sure they are the same size when evaluating cost.  When you leave our bakery you will know how many your cake will feed, so you only need to tell us if there is a dramatic difference.

6.   Delivery – that is your call.  The main question is do you think the baker will be there on the stated date, delivery window and be able to make a repair should there be a problem?  Most every reputable bakery will be able to handle those three things.  Do they have a phone number for you, if they are closed during your delivery window?  Most bakers are prepared for the worst and deliver the best.  The worst rarely happens, but you want to plan everything to be able to handle anything.  Be sure to give the baker a contact name and cell number for delivery.  FYI:  That person does not have the last name of anyone in the wedding or is one of your bridesmaids or groomsmen, mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, etc…  They will be busy enjoying your day with you.

While you are looking at vendors remember this day is a one and only special day.  You are buying a memory (you can get married at City Hall).  The cake is the second most photographed item at the wedding, after the bride. (Grooms you stand a good chance of being in the pictures if you are with your bride or the cake :))

  1. Setting up the appointment
  2. Preparing for the appointment
  3. During the appointment
  4. Evaluating cake vendors
  5. I know who I want to bake my wedding cake – Now what happens?