Return/Refund Policy

We want you to have sweet memories!  If you are not completely satisfied, please let us know as soon as you realize there is a problem, so we can try to make it perfect.

In-store Pickup or Delivered Baked Goods

When you pick up your order at one of our stores or receive a delivery be sure to look at the order and make sure it is what you ordered.  If someone else is picking up for you, let them know what they are picking up, so they can do the final inspection. 

While 99.9% of the time we spell the honoree’s name correctly, on occasion we make a “pipo.”  We want you to review your cakes, so you can confirm we did get it right or if we did make a pipo, then we can fix it while you are there.

Once you leave with your cake or order, it means that it is given to you in full and correctly. 

If you serve the cake/baked good/bread and feel there is a problem with the baking, do not throw it away.  Please return it to us, so we can see what is wrong, and if there is something wrong we will replace it, refund your credit card or give you a Three Brothers Bakery gift card and will work with you to determine the acceptable solution. 

Shipped Baked Goods

We are shipping baked goods that have no preservatives.  This means that if you ship ground, we cannot guarantee our baked goods condition upon arrival.  Overnight and second day shipping will be the best options to keep the product as fresh as possible.  Although pecan pies can easily ship ground and be fine upon arrival, even with delays.  That is why it makes a perfect gift choice.

We cannot be responsible for staleness/spoilage due to courier shipping delays, or if recipient is not at the delivery location to receive the shipment.

Cake Orders

We do require all cakes be paid for in advance of our making it, writing on it or holding it for you.

Wedding cakes/big reception cakes need to be paid in full no later than one month in advance of the special day.

Should your event be postponed and we have not begun your cake, no problem, we’ll just move the date.  Should your event be canceled and we have not begun your cake, we will provide you with a Three Brothers Bakery gift card which you can use at one of our stores or online.  In the case of large tiered cakes, if we are able to fill the slot reserved for you, then we will give you a refund of 75%.  Should we have already begun your cake, we will be unable to provide a gift card and recommend you still enjoy it or donate it to a charity who we know will appreciate it.

Note from Janice about canceled weddings: These things happen. It happened to me. I was engaged before Bobby, and thank G-d he called off the wedding.    In time I found my besheret (soulmate) and you will, too. 

Everyone has another life cycle event. We will still want to be a part of those special memories and will work with you to make sure it is a sweet memory for you, the honoree, your friends and family.