Here is something to give you a chuckle.  There was a time at Three Brothers Bakery that if you wanted to order something you had to wait until 7 days before because there were only 7 clipboards, so anything earlier than 7 days could not be ordered.  The next generation “modernized” the bakery and let you give orders 8 days before and more.  Most people came down to the bakery to order a cake, cupcakes, or even two dozen cookies and then came back to pick up. It was the way life worked.  That was as convenient as it got.  Today, the way we order those cakes, cupcakes, and cookies has changed dramatically, thanks to the internet and smartphones. The transporting of these delectable sweets has also gotten easier thanks to delivery, something Three Brothers Bakery is very proud to offer.

Baked Goods Delivery


The biggest reason many of our customers request delivery of their baked goods is because of the convenience. Regardless of how you place your order, either online or via telephone, you no longer have to step outside your office or home to pick up. Those days of schlepping out into the Houston heat and humidity or driving rain to get to one of our bakeries are gone.

Let’s say you need a pastry tray for a morning meeting or cookie tray for an afternoon snack at your seminar with 20 staff at your office. Instead of having to figure out how you’re going to make it across town in rush-hour traffic to pick up your baked goods and make it back to the office to start the meeting on time, choose our delivery option. Not only will your pastry tray arrive at your office at the time you requested, but your focus will also be on your meeting – the most important thing you should be doing. Or maybe you’re hosting your daughter’s Bat Mitzvah or Quinceanera. Between decorating the venue and overseeing the caterers you don’t have time to pick up her cake. That’s where Three Brothers Bakery can help. We can ensure all the sweets you’ve ordered, including her gorgeous cake, are delivered to the venue on time and in perfect condition. One less thing you have to worry about on such an important day.  

Some of our customers also have physical constraints that prevent them from picking up their orders. Whether they are no longer able to drive or are unable to safely leave  home by themselves, this should not prevent them from enjoying Three Brothers Bakery. With our delivery service, customers who aren’t physically able to pick up their orders can trust us to bring it to them.

Space Constraints

Trying to fit into your car’s squashed back seat, or a cake for a birthday celebration in your hatchback can often be very challenging. The lack of space and the risk of arriving at your destination with icing on your car’s ceiling make our delivery service really attractive. Can you imagine trying to transport your friend’s wedding cake in your car without ruining it? Talk about stressful! Leave the logistics of getting your baked goods and cakes to us, the next time you order request our delivery service and things will be a lot sweeter!