Chocolate Chip Button Cookie

New Year’s Party Baked Goods in Houston

December 13, 2018

Party hats, check. Noise makers, check. Champagne, check. Buttons…do you have the buttons? The cookie buttons that is. Most people associate baked goods with Christmas, but have you ever thought of buying sweets to celebrate the New Year? At Three Brothers Bakery, we feel the arrival of 2019 is a perfect occasion to order our cookie buttons and other sweets. What are cookie buttons? Shaped like a traditional cookie just […]


Dunk in Love

August 5, 2016

The basketball season may be over, but we are gearing up for some major dunking action here at Three Brothers Bakery! Have you ever looked at your favorite sweet treat and thought to yourself, “This is great, but it needs even more chocolate?” Well, for the month of August, you are in luck. At each of our locations, we will offer a wide selection of goods that can be dipped […]

Road Trip Treats!

July 28, 2016

Summertime is the perfect time for family vacations. Some destinations are only possible or practical to reach by plane. But others are a little bit closer and require a trip by car. If you have young children, you know the challenges of such a trip. Keeping the kids happy has gotten a lot easier thanks to gadgets such as the iPad, although even that alone is not enough to maintain […]