The Most Creative Christmas Confection

December 19, 2019

There’s nothing quite like the holidays! Festive music is played for weeks on-end, candles and lights decorate houses and windows, and we give ourselves permission to eat and eat and eat. But there is one holiday tradition that in particular brings a smile to almost every face: Gingerbread Houses. The use of ginger in food goes back to ancient times, where it was primarily used for medicinal purposes. However, the […]

Jet Set Gingy

June 3, 2019

Ah, Summer. It may be hot in Texas, but Gingy’s plans are heating up! All summer long we will be posting pictures of Gingy on vacation. We want to see where you will take Gingy! Whether it’s for a day trip to the beach, a road trip to a different state, or an international getaway, take Gingy with you! Post your photos on social media, tag us, send them to […]

‘Tis the season for gingerbread houses!

December 17, 2015

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Since Houston rarely provides any snow for the holidays, we have to find other ways to celebrate the joyous winter season. One of our favorite things to do around this time of year is build gingerbread houses. It unleashes our creativity – and the snow made of our icing is definitely much sweeter than what falls from the clouds! In the giving […]

Your favorite cookies are now in a pie.

November 10, 2015

At Three Brothers Bakery, our endlessly creative team always looking for ways to create new and exciting items for our cases. Just recently, for example, they created the emoji cookies and the pumpkin cheesecake. But sometimes, we look to the past to step into the future. Our team loves finding innovative ways to retool what our frequent visitors have come to know and love over the years. The latest reworking […]

Thank you for sharing your sweet memories

July 9, 2015

Hey guys! Now that I’ve given you a perspective of what it means to work at Three Brothers Bakery, let’s talk about some of our wonderful customers and their experiences here. All of our three locations have a guest book available, for our customers to jot down a little something that describes what Three Brothers means to them. This post will include a few of those excerpts from the guest […]

Three Brothers Bakery’s impact on my life

June 15, 2015

Hello again, Now that you know a little bit about me and how I got here, I wanted to talk about some of the wonderful things that make Three Brothers Bakery so unique. This job has really impacted my life; I never thought I would grow so much as a person by working here. When I applied to work here about four years ago I had NO IDEA the amount […]

Design-A-Cookie Kits from Three Brothers Bakery!

May 28, 2015

We are so excited to begin offering custom cookie decorating kits for kids of all ages, complete with cookies, icing and toppings! The cookie decorating kits, packed in cardboard boxes, have three sugar and three white chocolate dipped gingerbread cookies, with red, white and blue icing along with festive sprinkles, perfect for the summer season. These best-selling cookies will provide the ideal base for decorating, and are versions of the […]

Growing up with Three Brothers Bakery

February 18, 2015

We’ve shared some customer memories with you before,  but we recently got some that were too cute to not share. From a medical student who has been coming to us for years to a first-time visitor, many of our customers are lifelong Three Brothers Bakery patrons. If you haven’t yet, you can write your memory in a book at our Washington, Memorial or Braeswood location. I have been coming to Three […]

Award-Winning Gingerbread Houses

December 6, 2014

We love gingerbread here at Three Brothers Bakery! From our giant gingerbread man we created for our 65th anniversary, to some of our more recent Halloween gingerbread creations, this flavorful cookie is one of our favorites. We’ve created some amazing (and delicious) gingerbread houses for the holiday season and we wanted to share them with you. Here are a few of our favorite cookie mansions: Aren’t those just so beautiful? […]

Staff Picks

November 19, 2014

Our three locations are full of delicious treats, savory breads and award-winning pies, but you’ll also find some of the sweetest employees in Houston at Three Brothers Bakery! We love sharing memories and treats with our customers, families and friends and our crew makes it possible, from our cake decorators to our front of house staff. We asked a few members of the Three Brothers Bakery family what their favorite […]