It sneaks up on us every year, but the time to start planning end of the year gifts has already begun.  If you can believe it we are already getting in reservation slots for holiday client gift shipments.  With each passing week, it seems that already Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukkah items steal a little more shelf space from Halloween. Here at Three Brothers Bakery, we want you to enjoy every holiday without feeling rushed to prepare for the next, but we know November and December can get quite hectic if you don’t plan ahead.

You may have already received gift lists from family and close friends, but there’s always one group of people who prove head-scratching year after year: business connections. Employees, co-workers and clients alike are frequently worthy recipients of our holiday treats. However, finding the right gift, appropriate and personable, is often quite difficult!

Look no further because Three Brothers Bakery has an excellent selection of sweet treats, perfect for corporate gifts.  If you are buying more than 10 of anything please go through or corporate gifting team, so you can get a discounted price.

You may ask,” why should I get my corporate gifts from Three Brothers Bakery?” Well, let me take a moment to answer this all important question.

  1. Our baked goods are always a hit with those who receive them.  We have even had some clients split their pie order between us and another provider and the response of our pies are so good that they have moved all their pie gifts to us.
  2. We ship everything FedEx 2nd day (unless you give Pumpecapples, which we ship overnight only).
  3. Wooden Box option – should you opt to upgrade from our deluxe red and white box and opt for the wooden box, we will laser your special graphic, message, logo on the box top for no additional charge for gifts of 10 or more. Not even a set up fee.
  4. Customer service – we want to make this experience easy for you. We’ll send you an excel spreadsheet for you to fill out and return to us. Then you can either send us cards to insert or we offer cards of our own and you just give us the message to print on them, and we’ll include whichever you prefer.
  5. We do not nickel and dime you. The price is the price with the only option being the upgrade to the wooden box.
  6. You can reserve a shipping date now and get us your list a little later.
  7. Once you give us your list, card preference and if going with wooden boxes your graphic or message (we can also use our logo and/or holiday graphic), you are done! Easy as pie!

I’m going to tell you about some options, and I’ll be linking to their placement on our shipping page, so you can get an idea of what is available.

Our top gift each year is to send clients and those you love our award-winning pecan pie.  We offer 4 different flavors – traditional southern pecan pie, chocolate fudge pecan pie, salted caramel pecan pie or chocolate chip bourbon pecan pie.  – Country Living named us one of the best providers of mail-order pies in the country.

Best Mail Order Pecan Pie

If there is someone you are really looking to impress or thank, you might consider taking your gift to the next level. And what do we offer that’s bigger and better than a pie? Our Pumpecapple Piecake of course!

This 24-pound, 11-inch tall delicacy has been dubbed the “turducken of desserts” because it combines three layers of pie and cake: one layer of a pumpkin pie baked into a spice cake, topped by a layer of a pecan pie baked inside of a chocolate cake, and then finished with a layer of an apple pie baked inside of our traditional spiced cake.

Then, we assemble the cake/pie tower using cream cheese icing to hold each piecake layer together. To top it all off, we frost it with a cream cheese icing, trim generously with pecan pieces and drizzle caramel on the top.

The Pumpecapple Piecake feeds 50 people (small slices), so a gift for one can delight an entire family gathering or office party – here in Houston or shipped to anywhere across the country!

pumpecapple-piecake from Three Brothers Bakery
Pumpecapple Piecake from Three Brothers Bakery

For something that’s a little easier to nibble on, our cookie button tray is a nice option or even a dozen chocolate chip cookies or gingerbread men.

Do have 10 little kiddos you want to impress? We have a new official mascot at Three Brothers Bakery – GINGY!  He’s adorable and wants to go to spend the holidays at someone’s home or office and get out of the bakery.  We’ve put him together with Gingys you can eat as well.. We offer our Gingy Stuffy (or plushie) paired with 10 Gingys or just 2 Gingys.

Three Brothers Bakery Gingy Stuffy with Gingerbread Men

Last but not least, for the coffee lovers we offer a coffee sampler of our house roasted coffee beans, which we can provide as whole beans or ground.

Coffee Lover Sampler from Three Brothers Bakery

No matter the level of hunger or magnitude of gift, our bakery has something to sweeten the holidays for you and your corporate connections! Get those orders in now and cross another item off your holiday checklist.

Are you ready to get started fill out the form below or on our corporate gifting page!

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Enjoy your holidays!