With the holiday season upon us at Three Brothers Bakery we are in full swing producing many of the traditional ‘old country’ baked goods. This includes the popular German holiday bread, Stollen. It is consistently one of the most frequently ordered items at all three of our bakeries. But if Stollen is a delicacy you’re not familiar with, then let us give you a little sweet education. Let’s call this: Stollen 101.

What is Stollen?

Stollen is a traditional German Christmas bread which dates as far back as the 1400s. It is defined as a folded sweet loaf filled with candied fruit. We soak our Stollen fruits in an apricot liquor overnight to give them an added dimension of sweetness. They are then folded into a sugared yeast dough. At Three Brothers Bakery we elevate our Stollen to new heights by creating a dense, buttery, bread that is perfumed with oranges, lemons, and balanced by an array of nuts and traditional German spices. It is baked in a bath of clarified butter and topped off with a healthy sprinkling of powdered sugar.

How long will Stollen last?

This traditional German holiday bread was invented long before conventional refrigeration methods existed. As such it is designed to remain fresh and has a long shelf-life. We recommend you store your Stollen in a bread box or a cold and dark place if you plan to eat it gradually over the course of a few months (i.e. the winter season). Make sure to cover your bread in plastic food wrap to ensure it stays moist.

On the other hand, if you want to keep your Stollen for longer than that, for example a year then it is safe to freeze. Our Stollen is made with only fresh ingredients and does not contain any preservatives.

How do I serve my Stollen?

Using a serrated knife Stollen is usually served by the slice throughout the holiday season. Typically, it is warmed in the microwave or toaster and is either served with a generous helping of jam, honey, or butter.

A Sweet Decision

If Stollen is part of your family’s holiday traditions then come down to one of our three stores and pick up a loaf…. or two (…and we have both 1 lb Stolen and 2 lb Stolen options). But if you’re not familiar with the bread, then we hope we’ve convinced you to give it a try this year.

Remember, all of our baked goods at Three Brothers Bakery are made with love and are served with the utmost care that is synonymous with our bakeries. We’re convinced that once you try our Stollen, it will steal your heart!