A few weeks ago, we shared some sweet memories from Maria Todd at News92. As it turns out, a lot of the wonderful people at there have Three Brothers Bakery memories! We heard from Alicia Alaniz, who is the editor over at News92, about some of her Bakery memories:

My very first memory of Three Brothers Bakery is from my first birthday party. My mom ordered me a beautiful cake, and we celebrated and barbecued in Hermann Park.

Sounds nice, yea?

Well it was in late August…in Houston! Regardless, the cake held up nicely and everyone loved it. I’m forty-something now and have always gotten my cakes…(except for those five years in college) and pastries for my family and friends from Three Brothers. My 13-year old daughter is also a fan of the giant, yummy cupcakes. We’ve tried other bakeries before, and once was all it took.

Forever your family customers,

Alicia Alaniz