You may know Maria Todd from News92, but did you know she is a big Three Brothers Bakery fan? She loves all of our sweet treats and we got a chance to chat with her about her favorite memories from the bakery.

From Maria:

My favorite memory is walking into the Braeswood store for the first time.

The sweet smell reminded me of going to church with my dear late grandmother. Every Sunday we had to pass a bakery on the block before the church, and she would always promise me a treat if I was good during the service. I was a pretty good kid, and Grandma always kept her promises, so the bakery was a regular stop on our way home.

Three Brothers Bakery brought all of that back, especially when I saw the variety of favorites – cookies, cupcakes, so many things that you can’t choose just one. However, their bread is the best I’ve ever tasted, even better than the sourdough I was addicted to when I lived in San Francisco! It’s the only bread I get now for my family. One of my favorite treats is a piece of toasted Challah with strawberry jam –perfection!

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