What comes to mind when you hear the reference “pi/pie”? 

Could it be the mathematical constant known as 3.14159265358979…? How about the delectable circular perfection that comes in a multitude of flavors? The day known as National Pi Day (03/14) was officially recognized by the House of Representatives in 2009. The world has celebrated this special day by consuming various pies, throwing pies, and discussing the significance of pi. Larry Shaw, from the San Francisco Exploratorium, held the first celebration in 1988 to commemorate pi, pie, and the pun surrounding it. They marched in circular shapes outside and consumed fruit pies to symbolize the coincidental circular shape. 

History Fact: The Babylonians approximated pi base 60 (p= 25/8 or 3.125) around 1800 BCE, however, its origins are unknown.

Three Brothers Bakery has commemorated this mathematical day (3/14) by reciting digits of pi. We proceeded to challenge our guests by having them recite 25, 50 and 100 digits of pi. Guests would be rewarded with free pie for successfully reciting the correct number. Now, we’re offering a discount of $3.14 off pie purchases on pi day (3/14) online and in-store. 

Three Brothers Bakery Pi Day options: