If you’ve been to Three Brothers Bakery in the last month, you have probably seen this big guy.

Real Gingerbread Man Made by Bobby Jucker for Three Brothers Bakery’s 65th Anniversary

Well, it took a lot to get him here. This giant gingerbread man stands 6’5” (a little nod to our 65th anniversary) and is a life-sized replica of our traditional gingerbread men that we have been serving Houstonians for generations. We are proud of the gingerbread men we make, and that so many of you have shared memories with over the years, so it felt fitting that we make a giant one, too.

It was a long process to get this guy ready to go. We have been planning to make a giant gingerbread man for two whole years before Bobby finally made it happen. You’d think with our other giant treat, the Pumpecapple Piecake, we could whip up a life-sized gingerbread man in no time… but, that just wasn’t the case. Bobby finally got to work after some gentle (or not so gentle) nudges from Janice.

Bobby Jucker Build’s Lifesize Gingerbread Man for Three Brothers Bakery’s 65th Anniversary

We had to start with a giant cut out, this was Bobby’s first draft and he started on this one back in March. That’s nearly two months of prep work to get this sweet giant to become the way we wanted him. Then Bobby had to figure out how to bake him. While we are a large bakery with plenty of ovens, none of them are big enough to fit a 6’ tall gingerbread man.

But Bobby persevered and found out the best way to bake it. In case you are ever thinking of baking a life-size gingerbread man, we can tell you, it’s best to do it in two pieces. After a few burnt tries, some that turned out a little gummy and even one who lost part of his head, Bobby got it! So after two years in the making, our giant gingerbread man stands tall and looks delicious.

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