Yesterday we were blessed to have ABC13 air a story about what small business owners can do now and try our hardest to survive.

The story illustrates how if everyone makes one purchase of a pecan pie how many are going to stay employed. We chose that product because it ships the best and has a long shelf life. To make a difference large total quantities need to be ordered. We mentioned 1,000,000 pies as a challenge, but even 20,000-50,000 would have a huge impact.

Here are all the people that would be touched by this multitude of individual purchases:

  • Three Brothers Bakery could hire vs just trying to survive.  

These vendors would also be kept working:

  • Seal maker
  • Shrink wrap maker
  • Flour, sugar would be needed in large quantities
  • Secret ingredients in large quantities
  • Bakery Supply house would be providing these ingredients and delivering them to us
  • Pecan growers would provide lots of nuts
  • Pie tin maker
  • Utilities would be higher helping bring revenue to gas and electric companies
  • Shrink wrap maker
  • Our logo sticker maker
  • Box maker – the award-winning red/white box
  • If wooden boxes are ordered – woodworkers would be working
  • Shipping box maker
  • Graphics person will make a special insert
  • Printer will print our inserts
  • Tape for closing up the shipping boxes
  • Company that makes the FedEx labels
  • FedEx would be picking up, flying, and delivering our pies all over the country
  • Lots of people would have a bite of sweetness.

This purchase of one pie would touch so many people and their families.  Who knew it took a village to make a pie? Will you help us by taking a part of this challenge to buy a pie for yourself or someone you want to send a bite of love to while we are #AloneTogether?

Thank you for continuing to support us through good times and bad. – Janice & Bobby Jucker