Whether you observe Easter as a Christian holiday or as that time of the year when a bunny delivers chocolates and sweets, at Three Brothers Bakery we’ve got you covered. From cupcakes, to entire cakes, no matter how you celebrate, we believe Easter should be a sweet occasion and we’re more than happy to help you realize that.

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A popular and easy Easter dessert choice is a cake. It is a sweet that can be divided among family members and guests who come together for the traditional holiday meal. Usually our moist Carrot Cake is the perfect solution. With its three layers of moist filling, pecans, and iced with sweet cream cheese frosting it will be a definite hit at your Easter meal. Even the colorful buttercream carrots and cream cheese rosettes decorating the outside of the cake are a welcome added touch.

If nothing says Easter and springtime to you more than lemons, consider our Lemon Creme Cake. The Three Brothers Bakery version is filled with lemon gel. The icing is a sweet mix of yellow and white buttercream and the top has rosettes.

We have dozens of cakes to choose from for your Easter celebrations. If you’re unsure about what to select feel free to give us a phone call or come down to one of our stores. Our experience will make the selection process a stress-free and sweet one.


If you are planning an Easter brunch instead of a dinner, then an assortment of danishes are in order. From our blueberry, cherry, chocolate pecan, and coconut custard danishes to our coffee cakes and cheese pockets, we can offer an unparalleled variety of baked goods. You can choose a mix of them on a single tray or a single flavor per tray. Whatever you select, all of our items are made daily in house with the finest ingredients.


Fluffy bunny tales, rabbit ears, and big orange carrots nestled in tall green grass, these are just some of the designs we can create using our buttercream icing on our delicious cupcakes. Our cupcake flavors include chocolate vanilla, lemon, red velvet, carrot and Italian cream just to name a few.

easter cookies

If you’re not so fond of the bunny designs you can opt for more traditional icing such as cream cheese, cookies and cream, strawberry, lemon, and chocolate ganache. Whatever you can imagine using our cupcake as a canvas and icing as a brush we can bring it to life.

Petit Fours

For your younger guests a basket of petit fours would be a welcome treat. These bite-sized miniature cakes can be served either at brunch, lunch, or as dessert after dinner. At Three Brothers Bakery our petit fours start with either chocolate or vanilla cake base. Then using a variety of different colored icings we can design crosses, fluffy bunny tails, baskets with eggs–the possibilities are limitless.

Easter Options 

This Easter, whether you are observing the Christian holiday or gifts from bunnies, at Three Brothers Bakery our variety of baked goods will make your celebration a memorable one. This year don’t settle for few store-bought chocolate candies or day-old baked goods. Instead take a few minutes and call, email, or visit us. We’ll help you turn this holiday into a memorable and sweet one. Happy Easter!

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