The heat in August can be “ruff” – that’s why they’re called the Dog Days of Summer, after all! While you might be tempted to stuff your own face with delicious food, don’t forget about your canine companions. They deserve some sweet relief, too.

Lucky for them, Three Brothers Bakery offers both large bone cakes and small bone biscuits for dogs. What makes these doggy delights fit for canine consumption? If you’ve ever wondered, they don’t have sugar and instead feature carrots and peanut butter. They do have some wheat and flour in them, so they aren’t missing out on all the fun!

Three Brothers Bakery Dog Bone Cake
Dog “Bone” Cakes

You can order these from any location, but if your dog wants instant gratification, we recommend you visit our Washington Avenue bakery since it features a dog-friendly patio.

This labradoodle enjoying our patio comes courtesy of our friend Alexis Ann on Instagram.

You can bet that I will be treating my two dogs, Bella and Babka, this summer. I always say we are “foster flunkies” – any time a dog comes to stay with us, it never leaves. And in your next life, you want to be reincarnated as a dog in my house!

We drove 21 hours to pick up Babka near Branson, Missouri. The owner received 300 emails of interest, and we even had to provide references to secure Babka. We were at a Bat Mitzvah in Dallas and then drove all the way to Missouri and back to Houston in a single day – well, Bobby drove all but one hour.

And, if you want to treat your dog as well as I treat ours, there’s an easy way to do that. Head over to our Facebook page to enter the “Barkday Party” contest. From now until Friday, August 11, we are accepting photos of your pooches for the chance to win a “barkday party” on our Washington Avenue patio in honor of National Dog Day on Saturday, August 26. We’ll be narrowing the contenders down to three finalists and allowing our fans to vote for their favorite dog from August 14-18.Barkday contestWe hope you’ll enter since all memories are sweeter when a dog is involved!

Have a sweet day,