Sometimes the Houston heat just gets to you. Maybe your A/C went out on the hottest day of summer, or perhaps your running trail is closed and you’re stuck hightailing it on the humid asphalt. Whatever is sweating you, we have the answer.

And it’s Three Brothers Bakery Iced Coffee and Lemonade.

Why don’t you stop in and try our Cold Brew? With notes of chocolate and blackberry, the Cold Brew is a combination of coffee beans from Guatemala and Nicaragua. Through our special process of blending, the end result is a deliciously concentrated and fresh kick of refreshment!

Cold Brew Coffee

Or you could sample an iced coffee. Leo, our coffee aficionado, suggests you try a vanilla or hazelnut iced coffee. However, if those flavors don’t strike your fancy, don’t hesitate to ask to try something else. We have robust flavors of caramel, almond, or white and dark chocolate. Better yet–try them all and find your favorite!

Iced Coffee

There is also our refreshing Lemonade. Add fruit flavorings like strawberry and peach to put a summery twist on an old classic. Or we could make you a Texas favorite, the Arnold Palmer, or even an Iced Tea!

Lemonade, Strawberry Lemonade, Iced Black Tea, Arnold Palmer

In July, we will be hosting Happy Hour from 4-6 PM during weekdays at all of our locations! Stop in and let us treat you to a summer of sweet and refreshing drinks. And don’t forget that we have tumblers, coffee mugs, and more merchandise for purchase in all of our locations!