Halloween party planning can be a hectic yet fun experience for everyone—we would know. Having the right theme, party favors and everything else in between is a task, but you never have to worry about where to get some sweet and spooky treats!

We love this "Boo" cookie!

But a party is more than just the treats, so here are some party ideas that are completely painless and fun to do for the family.

1)   These funny little cups are a great way to spook out your guests at your next Halloween party.  All you need are red plastic cups, some glue and fake toy eyes.

How cute are these guys?

1)   Now, how about some festive straws to go with those spooky cups? We’ve got you covered! These straws will go a long way with your guests, at your next Halloween party—especially, if your guests are terrified of spiders.  All you need for these straws are a desired amount of orange straws, some adhesive and equal amounts of toy black spiders. (The toy spider rings will work, too.)

These creepy crawlers look great!

1)   Making an entrance is everything; so is giving one. These floating witch hats are going to be the entrance that your guests will never forget! Very simple and creative, these witch hats will be the talk of the block. All you need for these are 3 witch hats, some invisible string, paper clips, hooks and a spooky broom to place in the front.

How cute!

Halloween parties are all about fun; so don’t stress too much! Head to our Pinterest boards for more inspiration and remember to grab all your spooky treats from us!