We seem to be hearing as many sighs of relief as cheers of excitement when it comes to the date of the upcoming election drawing closer. But, here at Three Brothers Bakery, we are committed to ensuring this essential democratic process ends on a sweet note.

You may remember our cookie poll back in 2012, when we asked visitors to our two Houston area bakery locations to purchase cookies to support their candidate of choice. We then calculated how many cookies were sold for each candidate and created charts that tracked the “popular vote” of Three Brothers Bakery. That election was a pretty straightforward choice between Obama and Romney.

Three Brothers Bakery 2012 Cookie Poll

Three Brothers Bakery Cookie Poll Share

We will, of course, be offering cookies for each nominee of the two major political parties this year – Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Party and Donald Trump for the Republican Party.

Three Brothers Bakery Hillary Clinton Cookie
Hillary Clinton
Three Brothers Bakery Donald Trump
Donald Trump

But this is an exceptional year, and our cookie poll reflects the exceptional times. With each party’s candidate at historic lows in popularity, many voters are looking for a third-party or independent candidate who better expresses their values. For the sake of those objectors, we are providing a third option in our cookie poll.

He’s not your average candidate. Some people might say he’s a cookie-cutter candidate, but we find him quite sweet. He’s traveled the world and taken in some really impressive knowledge from his journeys. Since he has no mouth, he cannot make any false campaign promises. If you were to ask him about his biggest accomplishment, however, he’s most likely to say it’s making kids happy on a day to day basis.

Who is this candidate, you ask? It’s none other than Gingy, our Gingerbread Man!

Three Brothers Bakery Vote Gingy

Whether you want to send Gingy to the White House or simply bring him back to your house, let your voice be heard in our cookie poll! Come exercise your right to vote and your ability to eat sweets at our Braeswood, Memorial or Washington Ave. locations.

(Many thanks to Rocco Mastroianni from our Washington bakery for the excellent drawings on our cookies!)

Three Brothers Bakery Presidential Cookies
Presidential Cookies