It is the age-old question, isn’t it – what does Dad really want on Father’s Day? Does he want his kids to mow the yard? A chance to grill out on the patio? Or perhaps a fishing trip or handmade card? A poll done in 2019 reveals that most dads just want a phone call!

We asked Bobby’s sons and daughter-in-law some of their favorite memories spent with him:

Josh Jucker: I have a few favorite memories with dad that I definitely cherish. The first was when dad took me out fishing with Jason and I caught the biggest fish! It wasn’t even just one, I caught several. Jason was mad at me because he wasn’t getting anything, and dad was extremely proud of me even though I literally had no idea what I was doing! The second memory that has now become an inside joke in our family is for one of my birthdays dad got a bunch of happy birthday cards for all sorts of different occasions at a garage sale. I will never forget that my very first card had a child on the front that looked absolutely nothing like me and it said happy birthday grandson with the grand noticeably crossed out, so it was just Happy Birthday Son. Every birthday since, my dad has given me one of these cards with a phrase crossed out and I have in turn given him some as well. My last favorite memory of my dad is when he came to San Antonio to come visit me at UTSA and of course we HAD to do a Costco run. I mean I could never refuse free food so of course I said ok and dad decided to do some grocery shopping with me.

Alyssa Jucker: I have a favorite memory with my father in-law and that was when we were picking out our cake. It was so different to see Bobby using his creative side and sketching our cake to see if we liked it. I was so impressed to see this hidden side and obviously our cake turned out better than expected! 

Jason Jucker: A cherished memory I have of my father was when my father, my brother, my Zaide (grandfather Sigmund), my cousins, and myself went on a skiing trip to Nevada. Spending time with my family was always a blast, but for me it was more than that. That week my dad and my grandfather taught my brother and I how to ski. We didn’t need to pay for classes, cause we already had experienced teachers. We were taught how to get up, shred, but more importantly how to have fun. After I quickly learned my new skill, it started to become second nature to me and later in life I picked up snowboarding. Now and then, when my dad and I get a chance to hit the slopes together, it makes our bond that much stronger. Because skiing/snowboarding is not only something we both love to do, but it’s also something he played a part of in teaching me. The memory, the experience, and the bonding with my dad and Zaide is something I will always cherish and never forget. Thanks Dad and Zaide.

While you’re catching up with dad, why not bring him some treats, or arrange a delivery to his house?

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