First steps, first tooth, first smile, there are many ‘firsts’ during the initial 12 months of a baby’s life. Perhaps the one that is celebrated most is their first birthday. At Three Brothers Bakery we have helped many of our customers celebrate their children and grandchildren’s first birthday with one of our delicious cakes. But if you’re not quite sure what or how to order one, let us help with the following tips.

Which type of first birthday cake to order?

One of the most popular orders we receive for first birthday parties are smash cakes. They are exactly what they sound, it is a small cake designed especially for the birthday boy or birthday girl. The idea is you give this cake to your child and let them use their hands to dig into it and make a mess. They can eat it using their hands, smash it, throw it, and make as much of a mess as they want., The experience for you and your child, not to mention the photos, will create memories you will never forget.

A traditional tiered cake decorated to reflect the interests of your child is another popular choice. Usually this type of dessert is ordered in addition to the smash cake. The baby can have their own individual smash cake, while the guests can enjoy a slice of the adult one.

We can help you choose from a number of different themes including safari, rainbows, fire trucks, mermaids, and any animal or character cakes*. Our Three Brothers Bakery artists are truly decorating masters and will be able to help you realize whatever you can imagine. 

Why order a cake for your one-year-old?

Parents of a one-year-old have enough responsibilities in their baby’s first year of life without having to worry about baking a cake. Leave the responsibility of creating your child’s first birthday sweet to us. We suggest you determine a budget for your cake and the theme or idea of what you’d like. Once you know how many people you’re going to invite to the party and the date of the event, give us a call. You can even submit a cake quote request and a photo via our website. This will help us give you a more accurate quote of what it will cost to make your creation. Remember, the price of your confection will depend on how much decoration and the size of the cake.

With 70 years of experience in the cake industry, Three Brothers Bakery has the experience to create your work of art while letting you enjoy the magical moment of your child’s first birthday. If you are thinking of hosting a first birthday party for your child, or are already in the planning stages for the event, contact us. Let our expert cake artists create a beautiful and edible work of art, thereby allowing you to enjoy the priceless moments of your child’s first birthday. After all, it only happens once!

Note: We can do character cakes as long as it’s not copyright infringement. When ordering a character cake, we usually request that the customer provides a toy or a general image that won’t conflict with the copyright.