We noticed the gender reveal party trend pop up in 2011 and it shows no sign of slowing down. We’re not complaining though, because we love it! We have had the absolute pleasure of making gender reveal cakes for families across Houston. We love being a part of these special moments in each family’s life and we had the opportunity to share a grandchild’s gender with her grandmother in our store not too long ago! You can watch the precious memory being made in the beginning of the video below (click the photo to be taken to an external website, where you can view the video):

Of course, we would love to help you make memories with gender reveal cake, cupcakes or even cake balls, but we found some other ideas that are too cute to not share!

1)     Balloons in, or rather out, of a box let the big secret out for all to see! This one makes for a wonderful picture so be sure you have a camera or photographer with you. Take your sonogram in a sealed envelope (no peaking!) to a family member or friend who can be trusted with the secret. Let them fill a box with either pink or blue balloons, and get the camera ready!

2)     Get a little silly with Silly String! Again take your sealed sonogram to a trusted person who will then buy pink or blue Silly String. After covering the cans in plain white paper, the big reveal will be cute and fun! This one would be great with a large group and of course, lots of cake and trusty photographer to capture the memories being made.

3)     Confetti of course! This one is another balloon-centered reveal, but with a fun pop at the end. Based on the sonogram, have that family member or friend buy gender neutral balloons and fill it with pink or blue confetti while filling the helium. Then POP! You’ll have a cute shower of pink or blue!

All of these are fun ideas that would accompany cake perfectly at a party! For all of these ideas and more, visit our Pinterest board.

Do you have any fun ideas for gender reveal parties or have we helped you create your own gender reveal moments? Share them with us on our Facebook.