It’s Easter season which means we get to bring back some favorites that we only make once a year! One example: delicious, hot and fresh Hot Cross Buns. But do you know why we specifically make and eat Hot Cross Buns for Easter?

It is believed that the Hot Cross Bun signifies the end of the Lenten season for Christianity, and you will see them in stores the closer the calendar inches to Good Friday and Easter Sunday. The royal icing cross in the center of the bun is said to represent Jesus’ crucifixion on a cross. However, there are other theories as to the origin of the Hot Cross Bun–even several superstitions claim they hold magic powers! Some say that if you string up Hot Cross Buns in the roof rafters of your house, they will ward away evil spirits. Others mention protecting sailors from shipwrecks!
Whatever you think about where Hot Cross Buns originated, they are certainly delicious! We only make them for a short period of time at the bakery–order online or stop by one of our stores to try them!