Happy (belated) Grandparent’s Day! For those of you fortunate enough to have grandparents still with us, make sure to at least give them a call today. Let them know you how much you love them, you are thinking about them, and you are thankful for all they did for you. Whether obviously or not, we all follow in their footsteps and walk in their immense shadow.

For us at Three Brothers Bakery, we are reminded of the extraordinary power of family heritage every day. Bobby Jucker marks the fifth generation of bakers in his family, a legacy stretching back nearly 200 years and across the sea to Poland. Bobby’s grandmother was the baker in the family, but the establishment was known as “Morris Jucker’s Bakery” since cultural norms at the time dictated that women did not own businesses.

Three Brothers Bakery Jucker Family

Though the horrors of the Holocaust meant that he never met his grandparents, their spirit lives on through the techniques they taught Sigmund (as well as Max and Sol), which they in turn taught Bobby. The impact of grandparents and ancestors even further back cannot be understated in the story of this bakery. We hope you take this occasion to pause and think about how the decisions of relatives centuries ago still have consequences for your life today – and then we hope you are filled with gratitude and love.