Now that we’re past Thanksgiving, it’s on to the next set of holidays at Three Brothers Bakery. We’re already making our preparations for Hanukkah (Tuesday, December 12 – Wednesday, December 20) and Christmas (Monday, December 25)!

Growing up, my mom did not allow us to decorate for Hanukkah until the first night. So right before sundown, we’d rush to put up our little string of blue and white balls and happy Hanukkah signs around the house –and then we’d have to take them right down after it was over. We still celebrate here at the bakery by lighting the menorah and saying the prayers (if I’m there). If there are any children in the bakery, I always make sure to light the candles with them.

And the good thing is, unlike growing up, I don’t have to contain our celebrations to just the official days of the holiday. We’re already hard at work making our Hanukkah and Christmas themed treats, including our newest offerings, the Hanukkah and Christmas King Cakes.

Three Brothers Bakery Hanukkah King Cake
Hanukkah King Cake


Three Brothers Bakery Christmas King Cake
Christmas King Cake

But if you just want to stick with the perennial favorites, we can’t blame you! We’ll still be making classic Hanukkah treats like Sufganiyot and winter favorites like Stollen, along with themed cookies and cupcakes.

Three Brothers Bakery Sufganiyot
Three Brothers Bakery Stollen
Three Brothers Bakery Christmas Hanukkah 2017
Christmas Hanukkah 2017

We wish you a warm, happy holiday season in the presence of family, friends and loved ones!

Have a sweet day,