Happy early Father’s Day to all you dads out there! As a family run bakery that’s called Houston home for more than 60 years, we believe in passing down tradition from generation to generation and Bobby has had the opportunity to learn the business of baking firsthand from his father, Sigmund.

Sigmund and Bobby still enjoy spending time together in the Bakery.

All three brothers dedicated their lives to making sweet memories and treats for the people of Houston. As a fifth generation baker, Bobby has done the same with Sigmund’s help.  He used to go tot the Bakery when he was 4 or 5 and tell him “play with these toys” and eating in the café. When he was about 8 years old, Bobby was “at the table” in the production area with his dad and uncles. They would slap the dough at him and kid around with him – all the while he was learning the art of bread making at his father’s side. When he was a little older he began learning the sweets side of the business.

The original three brothers of Three Brothers Bakery

People always ask us what are your favorites at the Bakery? Sigmund’s not able to eat the sweetest baked goods, but his favorite bread from the bakery is Malsovit. It’s high fiber, grain bread that is great for you. There is even a diet formulated around it – the Malsovit Diet. It’s not out on our racks, but we usually have it. You just have to ask for it. We keep it frozen and most folks buy 6-8 loaves at a time. The family has been making this multigrain bread for years. When I seriously diet, it is the only bread I eat. Stay tuned on the Blog, and I’ll write one about Malsovit at a later date.

Now, Bobby on the other hand, loves his sweets and his favorite treats are our fantastic eclairs and brownies. Bobby has to eat chocolate every day! After one of the hurricanes, we found a tray of eclairs and if I remember correctly I ate one of them, and “someone” was not happy with me.

Why not get dad his favorite treat for Father’s Day? Maybe try one of our cakes, cupcakes, cookies or Bobby’s favorites – eclairs or brownies. We’ve been in the business a long time and what better way to celebrate than with recipes handed down from father to son!

Have a great Father’s Day and tell us what you got dad on our Facebook or Twitter!