Happy “Pi Day!” On March 14, we are celebrating the calendar day that corresponds with the value of π, 3.14. Last year’s Pi Day was a particularly exceptional one, as the date 3.14.15 lined up with the first five digits of π. However, we will still take the excuse to celebrate one of our favorite sweet treats at Three Brothers Bakery!

On this year’s Pi Day, we will be running a special promotion in store only to reward those with a brain for numbers and a stomach for sweets. If you can recite the first 10 digits of π, you will win a slice of our world-famous pecan pie. And those who can recite 25 digits will receive a whole pecan pie! There are rules, of course – no assistance from notes, smartphones or friends will be allowed. But to those with a mind like a steel trap, it’s your chance to shine.

Don’t have a great memory? We’ve got a few tips to help you before Pi Day!

Pecan Pie from Three Brothers Bakery

Convert the numbers to letters. Maybe you’re better with the alphabet than a string of numbers. Try converting the sequence, using A for 1, B for 2, etc.

Reinforce your memory. Don’t just stare at a screen or piece of paper and think you will be able to recite the number later. Write it out or speak it out loud several times.

Don’t get stuck. Can’t remember the next number? Think of the first one after it and see if you can work your way backwards.

Visualize the numbers. This tip works well for people trying to remember credit cards or phone numbers – picture the way you might punch the sequence into a keypad.

Best of luck to all who try to play! If your memory serves you really well on March 14, we will be serving you a delicious pecan pie.

(Thanks to Michelle Crouch’s article at CreditCards.com for the inspiration.)