With the holiday season upon us, our kids will get a much-needed break from school. Unfortunately, cooler temperatures often mean less opportunity for outdoor adventures, so we’re forced to get creative to come up with activities that keep the kiddos entertained. Stay a step ahead of the cabin fever and restlessness with these indoor projects that will put your child’s imagination to work.

–        Get in the kitchen: Kids of all ages love to bake their own tasty treats and this is a great activity that you can modify according to your child’s age. Preschoolers, for example, love to help you mix, measure, and pour. Older children will take pride in picking out a recipe on their own and making something entirely from scratch. You can even pick up a “Create your Own Gingerbread House” from Three Brothers Bakery and put together your own gingerbread masterpiece!

–        Put on a talent show: This is a wonderful way to keep the kids busy while you get your own work done. Have the kids think about their unique talents and spend the day practicing. Then watch them perform their songs, dances, poems or karate moves – the sky is the limit with this activity!

–        Write a book: Younger children can dictate a story to you and then illustrate each page. Your older kids will delight in coming up with more elaborate plots. A neat twist on this is to have your older child help the younger child write a book and to surprise you with their collaborative story and artwork.

–        Put on a play: There are endless opportunities with this activity! Kids can write the play themselves or find a script online. Memorizing their lines, rehearsing, and making costumes will certainly occupy their time and yield an adorable performance for you to sit back and enjoy!

With a little creativity and determination, you can keep the kids (and yourself) from going stir crazy this holiday break. Share photos or videos of your children’s creations with us on the Three Brothers Bakery Facebook page!