These bunny treats are so cute and simple to make at home!

Start with a cooled cookie and, using a wide tip piping bag, cover the cookie in a thick layer of icing. Here in the bakery, we use white icing then dip it into green sprinkles, but you can use green icing at home to make it easier!

Next, using the same wide tip icing bag, pipe a large dot of icing in the center of the cookie. Then pipe legs with a simple squeeze of icing on both sides of the dot.

Of course, no bunny is complete with a fluffy tail! To do this, pipe in a sweeping motion in the middle of the larger dot.

In the bakery, we use a lot of different colors for the feet, but at home you can chose however many you want! With a small icing tip, pipe three dots on the bottom of the leg. Follow that with one larger dot above that to finish the bunny paw.

And that’s it! You’ve made sweet bunny treats for Easter! We would love to see your at-home creations. Share them with us on Facebook or Twitter!

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