As we approach the intense election season, one thing you hopefully will hear many speaking about on the news or online is on how to be a good citizen. Citizenship is the duties and rights given to each citizen to participate in their society.

One thing Janice has always stressed is the importance of voting, as well as communicating often with local, state, and federal lawmakers. We’ve just finished celebrating Independence Day, and elections are on the horizon–what better way to celebrate than by practicing good citizenship?

Tips on Being a Good Citizen:

  • Register to vote–Voting is one of the most important ways you can let your voice be heard. Familiarize yourself with the issues and candidates at places like Ballotpedia*. *We are not making any endorsements. This is just a good place to find out who is running for office. You need to collect your own information and make your own choices for elected offices.
  • Got voting down? Then help to register others! We will be hosting voter registration at our Braeswood location on National Voter Registration Day – September 22nd! Register to vote, and we will give you a coupon for a free cookie! Bring voting eligible friends and family, and encourage them to vote this election season!
  • Participate in the 2020 Census–Census data is vitally important to local, state, and federal authorities to make sure that communities are receiving the resources they need. It is a quick and easy process (about 5 minutes). Speak up for your community to ensure you are being represented properly! You can complete the 2020 Census here.
  • Know your local lawmakers. These are the people directly responsible for your community in the local, state, and federal arenas. Follow them on Twitter, track the bills and legislation they work on, and call or email their offices with questions, comments, and concerns. They work for you! Look up your lawmakers here.

There are so many things you can do to be a good citizen within your community. What are some of the ways you’ve practiced good citizenship?