On the go and in need of a snack? Looking for something sweet and shareable? Interested in a fresh idea for birthdays, weddings, or another event? Three Brothers Bakery has just the treat!

Our delicious Gingerbread and Sugar Cookie Buttons are sweet, cute, will bring fun and deliciousness to any party!

Our Gingerbread is a year-round classic–a Jucker family recipe going back well over 60 years! We cut gingerbread cookie dough into tiny, bite-sized pieces, then decorate with colorful sprinkles! After they’re baked and cool, we place the buttons in a cup, or in a shippable tin! For extra deliciousness, we add tasty buttercream to the top of the button cups, making for a dippable snack!

We also offer a Sugar Cookie flavor! Our Sugar cookie recipe is mixed until light and fluffy, then baked to perfect sweetness! We have also made flavors like Chocolate Chip and Peanut Butter, which are available for special order!

Next time you’re in need of a quick snack, or are interested in something cute and sweet for a big event, step into one of our stores to get the crowd-pleaser Cookie Button!