Summer is almost here! We hope everyone is finishing up the school year strong and getting ready for another few months of heat. Or maybe you’re escaping Houston to go on vacation, and we can understand that (and may be a bit jealous, too!).

Bobby spent most of his summers in Houston since Sigmund had to work at the bakery. But during Passover, when the bakery was closed, his parents would take him out of school for week-long vacations. When he was 13, they went to Colorado – and Bobby would help drive!

I remember my family summer vacations fondly – playing auto bingo, getting the trip maps from AAA (back before phones or GPS), seeing my dad rip up those maps before we even left home in San Antonio. One year we went to Panama City, FL, which was like dying and going to heaven with all the amusement parks.

Summer vacations shouldn’t just be for humans, though. Starting around 2010, we began taking Gingy, the Three Brothers Bakery Gingerbread Man, on vacation with us. He travels particularly well for eating later! But along the way, we can’t resist getting a few pictures of him. (These are my two favorites.)

Three Brothers Bakery Gingerbread Man
Gingy getting ready for his vacation
Photo credit: Suzy Olian (who introduced me to Bobby when I was 13)


Three Brothers Bakery Gingerbread Man 2
Gingy, finally on the plane
Photo credit: Betsy Schreiber (our wonderful insurance agent)

See more photos of Gingy’s travels in this blog post from last year!

Gingy makes for great company to keep for a day on your trip, and so do several of our cookies. Whether you travel by car, plane or boat this summer, take a piece of home with you and make a sweet memory.

Have a sweet summer and enjoy!