Now that December has arrived, your mind may automatically be fixated on whatever holiday awaits you at the end of the month – Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa. But before you get too carried away, don’t forget everything else we have to celebrate in the meantime! This Friday, December 9, is National Pastry Day – a national day we are more than happy to celebrate! Amidst all the holiday-themed cookies and cakes we create during this period, it is nice to take a moment to celebrate the fine art of the pastry chef.

If you have any doubt that our team of bakers has mastered the pastry, just take a look at the great variety we offer!

Three Brothers Bakery Almond Stick

Almond Sticks

 Three Brothers Bakery Brownie


Three Brothers Bakery Pecan Bar

Pecan Bar

Three Brothers Bakery Napoleon


If you are really in the mood for something sweet, though, you have to try the Chocolate Éclair – it’s Bobby’s favorite item we serve at the bakery!

Three Brothers Bakery Chocolate Eclair

No matter your taste in pastries, we have something to tide you over during the busy holiday rush!

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