Party hats, check. Noise makers, check. Champagne, check. Buttons…do you have the buttons? The cookie buttons that is. Most people associate baked goods with Christmas, but have you ever thought of buying sweets to celebrate the New Year? At Three Brothers Bakery, we feel the arrival of 2019 is a perfect occasion to order our cookie buttons and other sweets.

What are cookie buttons?

Shaped like a traditional cookie just miniature (think nickel or quarter size), this type of sweet treat is a fantastic addition to any party or thank you basket. Whether you’re hosting a New Year’s Day open house, or a formal evening party, your guests won’t be able to eat just one of our buttons. At Three Brothers Bakery we offer a variety of different types of cookie buttons including sugar, gingerbread, and chocolate chip. If you’re looking for something a little more distinctive why not try our cookie buttons with a butter-cream for a dipping “sauce”? Remember if you order our New Year’s sweets as a gift make sure to request that they be packaged in either our holiday-colored pails or gift tins. A little extra Three Brothers Bakery New Year’s flair!

If you feel that cookie buttons alone won’t be enough for your occasion, you can always add a cake or other types of cookies, and sweets to your order. Our experienced staff at Three Brothers Bakery will be able to answer your questions and make some sweet suggestions. 

What goes well with our cookie buttons?

Nothing goes better with our cookie buttons than a cup of freshly brewed Three Brothers Bakery coffee. Our new line of in-house roasted coffee beans makes a fantastic New Year’s hostess or party gift. Choose from a variety of different beans including Baker’s Brew, Iron Horse Espresso, or the exotic Ethiopia Mokamba. Why not pair a bag of our coffee beans with one of our logoed coffee mugs? Or purchase one of our newly emblazoned Three Brothers Bakery travel mugs, which will allow you to enjoy our coffee throughout your holiday travels and well into the New Year.

What do I need to know before I place my order?

Whether it is a day in advance or a week before your New Year’s celebration, at Three Brothers Bakery we are well equipped to fulfill any order according to most timelines. Please keep in mind we generally are unable to fulfill same-day orders. With that said, whether it is December 31 or January 1st, as soon as you know the date of your occasion and the quantity of people you’ll be hosting give us a call.

Once you’ve determined your menu or the type of food you’ll be serving, look at your sweets menu and identify any gaps. Additionally, consider your price point. How much are you willing to spend on your desserts? Don’t forget to consider any food allergies or dietary restrictions your guests or hosts might have. Any of us at Three Brothers Bakery will be more than happy to offer suggestions from our menu that will do nothing but sweeten yours!

Happy New Year

We take tremendous pride in our exceptional customer service and that personal touch is especially important during the busy holiday season. At Three Brother’s Bakery our goal is to ensure all of our customers leave our stores satisfied with their baked goods and experience. Part of that positive experience includes being open on January 1st to ensure all of our customers have a sweet start to the New Year.

So from our family to yours, we wish a happy, healthy and sweet 2019.