On Saturday, July 20th, the world will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 space mission–the galactic adventure that finally brought man to the moon. The Apollo Moon Landing was an event that captivated the world–arguably, it’s one of the greatest achievements of mankind in the last century.

Apollo 11 Moon Landing – NASA

In Houston, the NASA program is very near and dear to our collective hearts. Houston has been nicknamed Space City since the late 1960s, and we are the home to NASA’s Johnson Space Center, the center for mission control and human spaceflight. Houstonians are naturally a little “space crazy”. Don’t believe us? Check out these Houstonians who take the moniker “Space City” very seriously.

Spacey Casey

Mission Control at the Johnson Space Center

George H.W. Bush International Airport

To celebrate such a momentous event in history, we will be making special moon and rocket ship cookies the last two weeks of July. These sugar cookies are decorated with royal icing that celebrate our achievement of reaching the moon 50 years ago! Even better, pick up some of these limited time cookies and join in the festivities at Space Center Houston!

Step into the bakery, or call one of our locations to order!